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 Jackie Gates/owner and two other affiliates were the first Master Level III trainers in the world!

Memory Problems, foggy thinking and creativity block:  Norah

The past few years have been filled with changes and I felt like I was swimming in mud most of the time. I had had a few experiences with neural feedback but when I had the opportunity to experience brain balancing the results were amazing.

I started to feel energized immediately.  Then I noticed how much clearer my thinking was and how much more alert I felt.  I also received a release in my creative thinking.  As an artist, I was battling with creative block; during the sessions, I was consistently getting ideas.  They were coming so fast I had trouble “quieting” my mind.  My artwork has taken a totally new direction and my freedom to experiment is at an all-time high. 

The most profound experiences have come as I was doing the AT1 training.  I can only describe them as revelatory.  These have been the most life changing.  I feel as if huge weights have been lifted off and faulty thinking removed.  Years of confusion and self-doubt are gone.  I have a fresh excitement about life and my reactions to negative situations have completely altered.

The whole experience with brain balancing has launched me into studying brain health and its effects on our lives.  I formerly taught in adolescent psychiatric units and in classrooms for children with severe emotional issues.  I would have given anything to have had this technology at that time.  I continue to counsel and mentor those who are having issues and have recommended brain balancing.  Actually, I have recommended it to almost every person I meet. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience brain balancing and thankful to Jackie Gates of New Life Brain Center for introducing me to this life changing technology.

Anxiety and Suicidal Thoughts:  Kevin

A week ago I was in a rough spot. I was having suicidal thoughts and struggling to be productive. On a scale of 1 to 10, my anxiety level was at least a 9. After a week of intensive Brainwave Optimization at the New Life Brain Center, I am happier and more at ease with myself than I have ever been. No more suicidal thoughts and my anxiety level have dropped to a 2. I am organizing the thoughts in my mind with ease. The excessive and full-time chatter that a week ago was keeping me isolated is now non-existent and I am returning to my regular activities. The most profound changes have occurred as I have resumed my daily activities. Whereas I once only had one option, to be stressed; I am now able to see many alternatives to how I will behave in a given situation. Even more amazing, I can choose the appropriate behavior and follow through. I am so very grateful for the experience and help I have received from Jackie Gates at the New Life Brain Center.

Compulsive Eating: Anna

Who knew? Certainly not me! I REALLY didn't know what I didn't know about my mental health (and was confused about it) but i did know some things about myself that were keeping me from living my best life:I had a long history of compulsive overeating and familiarity with almost every diet program known to woman, Rapid fire constant thoughts and the inability to maintain focus on accomplishing my goals...a classic case of "overwhelmitis" And then I read about Brain State Technologies but more importantly I met Jackie one of the first 3 Level 3 certified master trainers of this amazing technology.After one week of brain training at her New Life Brain Center I have already experienced results that I had no idea were possible (especially in this short time period):My compulsive eating is gone-yes-gone...I can now "put the brakes on" easily when I want another row of cookies or another Snickers bar-it is an amazingly liberating completely new and wonderful feeling and I am savoring every moment of it.My thought process has slowed down, allowing me to focus better and stay much calmer during situations that previously would have sent me over the edge Jackie and the New Life Brain Center are now at the top of my gratitude list!!!  

 Multiple Grammy Winner:  Wyonna Judd   

I have fought my whole life to try and figure out what the heck was so different (and wrong) with me. I have always believed that  I would find the answers to my many questions by listening to others (whom I always FELT were smarter than me) and that by doing what they said, I would find myself.  So I tried EVERYTHING.  After 43 years I had begun to lose faith in the process. I was beginning to make arrangements to settle for the truth that I was just going to have to accept the fact that I could not and would not ever be able to change. My experience at Brain State Technologies has re-established my faith in the healing process.  For the first time in my life I am keenly aware of what balance and harmony feels like. Brain training has given me a sense of hope again. I have begun a new journey of self-discovery and I can feel myself changing and making healthier choices for myself. If I can feel/believe like this, anyone can. I am living proof that if you show up and wait for God to walk through the room, your miracle can and will happen.

Help with Quality of Life:

D.S., 57 Housewife: "Brain Training with Jackie at New Life Brain Center was fabulous! My goals were for depression, brain fog, focus and attention,  self-esteem and anxiety. Almost immediately I started thinking more clearly and without confusion. My depression is gone and I have a lot more self-esteem.  Once in awhile I get a little anxious, but it is nothing like I had before.My immediate problems and surroundings did not change, but I changed.  Now I am able to make different choices and see my environment transform around me.  It truly does give you a New Life!  Thank You Jackie...I can not wait to start more training!"

A.N. "My ability to focus and attend to tasks at work has been great! (And dramatically different from before.) I am able to make choices that are more in line with my goals, both big and small.  I can sleep and felt rested upon waking and throughout the day.  I also have not craved food that was not healthy, or when I am not hungry. AND the "noise" in my head has quieted tremendously."

Help with Addictive Dependencies: 

F.M., 48 Software Engineer:  "My motivation to do brain training was to get rid of my nicotine addiction, and that is no longer an issue. Using this technology, I learned how to switch off my thoughts and experience bliss. That allowed me to tap into my creativity at a whole new level.  It's been an extraordinary journey."

A.A. Student:  "I am a
drug addict and just got out of jail and
in full recovery because I was told about Brain Harmony and gave it a try.  It was the best thing I could have ever done!  I've noticed I'm able to focus better and have more motivation.  My whole way of thinking has changed.  Friends and family have noticed a change in me, even the way I talk.  Now I am going to school full time!  Thank you so much!!!!"

23 year old man, former drug addict: "I don't think I have ever felt this way in my whole life....I finally now can live a normal life and it feels so good!" 

Sue Shipman., Brain State Affiliate: Read Sue's story of how her son's meth addiction led her to becoming a licensee of Brain State in 2006.  Her son, Sean has now celebrated three years of being drug, alcohol and smoke free!! click here

Help with Creativity: 

P.L. and B.F., Both are artists. "Both changed their creative expression capabilities to gain positions of confidence and strength in the art world."

N.R., 59  Artist: The creative process started while I was in the chair. I received clear visions of things I  want to sculpt and paint and I can't wait to get started. This technology is incredible.. it has made my thinking more clear and I'm not concerned with the "little stuff "' anymore!  I am going to send everyone I know to New Life Brain Center so they can experience this too!

 Help with Headaches:

C.B., entrepreneur, business women.  "For over 25 years I have been looking for a way out of Migraines.  I have tried everything, including dietary changes, exercise, hypnotherapy, massage, acupuncture, positive thinking, pharmaceuticals, herbals, homeopathic, and even energy work.  Many of the things I tried seemed to help, at least partially, but I was never able to get a big break though, to get a really dramatic decrease in the frequency of the Migraines.
After doing 30 sessions of Brain State Training, I have had a 95% reduction in the number of migraines that I have gotten.  That is amazing.  The freedom to live without the fear of headaches and the freedom of living life without them has been an investment in my quality of life that I would recommend to anyone.

Help with Sport Performance:

X.X., 33 World Class Swimmer & Financial Services Manager
"X.X. is a world class swimmer and manager of over 150 people in a financial institution.  After training for 5 sessions, she was able to beat her 30-year best time record, and two days later completed a business plan in hours that would have taken her months to complete previously.  "Within the first 5 sessions, I was able to beat my own 30-year best record!  The training has given me a whole new perspective."

 B.N., 53 TV Producer: 
"Life is hell, but golf game isn't. Thought I would bring you up to date with what's happening with my golf game.  There must be a long term residual effect from your program.  We haven't seen each other for a few months but my gold game continues to improve.  serves me, when we started my handicap was around 12.  Think it got down to about 9 at the end of the year.  Currently, as of 4/1 it's at an 8.3, and I expect it to be under an 8 when the new ones come out in May.  Hitting the ball great off the tee.  Irons are better than they were, and putting has significantly improved.  Not missing many short ones, and it's not unusual for me to make at least one or two 20 footers in a round.  I think I've only been over 81 twice in about the last 12-15 rounds.I've noticed that I seem to get "in the zone" more often and stay there longer.  About 3 weeks ago, I had a 34 (2 under) on the front 9 at Palm Valley.  Then of course I started thinking about the score rather than the next shot and immediately shot a 42 on the back.  Still 76 ain't bad."

Help with Unhappiness:

D.M., 44 Corrections Officer  "Before starting sessions I was depressed and had been for nearly two years.  I could not sleep, was unproductive, unmotivated, and could not snap out of it after going through a very difficult divorce.  Since doing sessions, I am no longer depressed, what used to take  3 days to get done, I now get done in 3 hours.  My sleep has more than doubled.  I feel hopeful, feel happy.  "Things" don't bother me, they just roll off, don't feel stressed by things anymore.  Working with Brain State Conditioning TM has completely changed my daily quality of life.  I'm so much more productive, alive, ffocused, hopeful and motivated." 

K.C., 41 Project Manager:  "Where do I start?  Brain State Conditioning has changed my life in so many positive ways.  I can't begin to list them all.  Each session has yielded powerful insights and helped me harness my inner strength and guidance. Depression and mood swings have lost their hold on my, and I now feel confident that my life is on tract.  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to go to the next level.

 Help with Focus and Attention: 

H.B. "I continue to be amazed at the calmness of my mind. I never realized how chaotic my own head was prior to my training.  I can now drive a car without turning on the radio, and it is okay.  I can actually sit with my thoughts and they are not running in so many directions.

Ms. P-Real Estate Agent  Brain Harmony saved my life and the quality of it!  Recently I was diagnosed with ADHD.  I am over 40 and was at my wits end being in the high-level sales and having tried everything.  Seeing is believing via the biofeedback machine. I am able to reset and lower the brain waves that contribute to the ADHD and depression.  The best part is the result are permanent.

T.S., Electronic Applications Engineer My daughter was diagnosed with ADD by a physician and was under his care until she became an adult.  Friends recommended she try brain balancing . After her first session I noticed she was calmer and more focused than I had ever seen before in her life.  She has commented on how much better she is sleeping even with two toddlers, full time job and college classes.  After seeing my daughters success I decided I needed to go to the Institute of Optimum Balancing.  My personal experience with brain balancing has been outstanding.  My focus and ability to recall the word I am looking for is greatly improved.  When talking with colleagues and customers I was stumbling to recall simple words and thoughts.  Now my thoughts and speech are clear and concise.
As an applications engineer I need to stay focused on the project regardless of how often email pops up.  Look up procrastination in the dictionary and there was my picture.  Now I am able to focus on which email,phone call, office drop in will require a later time slot and make it happen. Brain balancing has greatly improved my work and home life by reducing the noise that was getting in my way.

Help with Job Performance:

Martz Agency is an advertising agency which wanted more creativity from its staff.  Brain State Technologies train 5 key staff members for 9 sessions. The result was a significant increase in closure rate based on new and highly creative solutions. Additionally the staff worked together more efficiently and harmoniously.

J.W., business owner J.W.had a business that was struggling and facing extreme financial hardship.  After training, he increased his confidence, his creativity, and his salesmanship to land the biggest deal of his career, with Donald Trump himself.  J.W. and his wife have started couples training and report their marriage is stronger than ever.

Help with Anxiety: 

K.H., Accountant and Mother  I have suffered with Panic/Anxiety and Major Depression most of my life. Daily, I have struggled with distractibility, focusing and memory problems. After finishing one intensive, my mind is much clearer. I am coming out of the fog of depression and feel like being with people and doing new things. My husband can hardly believe how different I am.  I have made so much progress in one intensive!

Movie Maker, 50 "I am happy and honestly, rather surprised, to report that thanks to Brain Dynamics in Santa Fe training, my anxiety is not only manageable, but practically nonexistent. My mind is sharper and clearer than I can ever remember, and I have greater energy and creativity. I am sleeping regularly, and greet the day with a decidedly more positive attitude.  I've even been able to cease taking medications for my disorders."

Help with Anger:  

Mrs. G., Housewife  "After the third session of brain training, I noticed a huge change in my husband's response to everyday challenges.  He is definitely calmer and does not over react. He previously dealt with anger and sometimes even rage. He has improved tremendously. I have noticed my husband's behavior to be serene because of the brain training exercises you provided.  I thank want to thank BrainHarmoney for all of your help."

For more testimonies on Anger and PTSD,  please visit Project Page and our Video Page for testimonies from soldiers.