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PROJECTS                 Live life to the fullest with a balanced brain!

Howard L. Skolnik
Director, Nevada Department of Corrections

A small project with youthful inmates showed some dramatic results. Most interesting was the unexpected communication between the various ethnic groups and security threat groups (gangs). Inmates who would probably react violently to each other in the community met each evening to discuss the experience of the day and identify questions that they had and who would ask what. These inmates showed a marked decrease in inappropriate behavior, increased attention span, and improved sleep patterns. We were most impressed with the potential application of Brain State Technologies in
correctional environments.”

Returning troops get help for PTSD 

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Scottsdale, Arizona, October 2, 2007 Brain State Technologies™, along with its participating affiliate offices worldwide announced today free help for returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The VA has seen a tenfold increase in PTSD cases in the last year. According to the VA, more than 37,000 Vets of Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from Mental Health disorders, and more than 16,000 have already been diagnosed with PTSD.

“After training with Brain State Technologies™ (BST) I’m sleeping better than ever and my irritability/anger has decreased significantly,” says SGT. Dan F., U.S. Army 10th Mtn. Div. “The best thing about this technology is that I never had to mention a thing about my combat experiences as BST is not a ‘talk’ solution.”
BST™ provides individual clients a structured, personalized approach to help create positive life change and overcome symptoms of PTSD, such as depression, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, and chemical/alcohol dependency.

Thousands of people have found Brainwave Optimization w/RTB™ helpful in eliminating or drastically reducing their physical and emotional difficulties. Clients have also reported positive results with sports performance, ADD, pain mitigation, sleep disorders, stress relief, and more.

Participation is completely confidential and participants will receive a free assessment and up to sixteen free training sessions through August 31, 2008. To be eligible participants must have returned from either Afghanistan or Iraq within the past 24 months and have served in a combat or in a rear echelon support unit.

Watch a news video from CBS news on our
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Warrior Transition Project
SGT. D.F., U.S. Army 10th MTN. Div. Purple Heart Recipient

"After my training I am now sleeping better than I ever have, and I am happy to say that my irritability / anger has decreased significantly. The anxiety I previously experienced is now in my control, meaning that I understand my own frustrations and can take effective measures to resolve issues, minimizing stress and anxiety. The best part of the technology is that I never had to mention a thing about my combat experiences as this is not a "talk" solution. I am truly thankful to BST for all the relief this training has brought to me and my family."

Client Testimonial
Help with PTSD

“From the initial assessment to the final session, your staff of trainers and administrative personnel showed a refreshing professionalism, punctuality, and positivism. All of this served to create a space where I felt safe letting go of some deeply held tension. The seizures in my hand reminded me of the tense moments of flying my A-10 attack jet during air refueling, weather formation flights, and sketchy surface attack and close air” support” missions throughout South Korea, Arizona, and Alaska. But, there was clearly a lot more stored tension than just that incurred through my military service. The feedback I received from the BST staff and the BWO equipment has given me clear benchmarks for opening and connecting with a space of rejuvenation, relaxation, and release. Your team at BST and this process of BWO put effective tools for “letting go” into my hands. You offered this experience to me as a veteran service-member, but I must thank you as a human being. I can’t express enough, my gratitude for your hospitality, encouragement, generosity, and attention to detail!”

Yavapai County Adult Probation Trial click here for more information
This report depicts individual results achieved in the Prescott, Arizona Yavapai County trial using Brain State Technology™ conditioning sessions with repeat offenders. Arrests were for possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, petty theft, disturbing the peace, assault, and other miscellaneous crimes.

Nevada Prison Demonstration: click here for more information
To establish the effectiveness of BWO with inmates in a prison setting over a short training time period. The scope includes performance of Brainwave Optimization w/RTB TM for four or more inmates within a three
week time period.  Six inmates were chosen by Warden Lenard Vare of the Southern Nevada Correctional Center in Jean, Nevada.  Brainwave Optimization w/RTBTM was accomplished with these inmates between August 27 and September 13, 2007. See comments of Warden Vare within this pdf file.
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