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 Brainwave Optimization (BWO) with Jackie Gates, Master Level IV technologist.

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Watch as NHL player Kurt Sauer discusses head injury & Brainwave Optimization.


Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ (Real-Time Balancing) has helped over 50,000 people worldwide experience breakthrough in their lives while utilizing this latest neuro-technology . This process is an effective, holistic and non-invasive method of achieving greater brain balance and harmony. Improving brain function has shown to help people who suffer from a brain injury, stress, pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, addictive dependencies, challenges to learning, or who want to increase peak performance.

New Life Brain Center,
  located In beautiful  Las Colinas, TX., is dedicated to helping our clients achieve a better life using this state-of-the-art technology powered by Brain State Technologies.

Let us help you discover the healing power of your own brain and its ability to tap into the limitless potential within you.  This completely non-invasive technology has not only helped many clients throughout the world to restore balance and harmony to their lives, but also enabled them to achieve goals they had never thought possible.

We have witnessed and experienced the ability of this neuro technology to quickly and dramatically change lives.  Most clients find this process to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.   Visit our testimonial or our video page to hear people are saying about Brainwave Optimization.

.Are you ready to overcome obstacles to a more balanced life and rise to your true potential?  Please call today for more information. 817.589.2189

What is Brainwave Optimization
It is an individually tailored process of bringing balance and harmony to the brain.  Brainwave Optimization, by Brain State Technolgies, is non-invasive. It detects the brain's energy using electrodes at seven different points on the scalp.  Ultimately, this process produces personalized exercises to balance and optimize the brain. This technology allows your brain, in a sense to see itself, in it's limited state, and to recognize where it is out of balance and not functioning well. Once our brain discovers how it has learned to limit itself, it is able to readjust and create new neural networks.  As the new neural networks come on line old issues melt away.

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Brainwave Optimization™ is intended to balance and harmonize brain waves, and is not intended to treat, cure, heal or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom. If currently under care with a primary care physician, therapist, or other medical professional, you are encouraged to consult with them prior to beginning Brainwave Optimization™.

People worldwide are discovering the power of their own brain through brain training at New Life Brain Center in Las Colinas, Texas. (in the middle of the Dallas,Texas, Fort Worth,Texas area)  New Life Brain Center uses neuro-technology powered by Brain State Technologies®, the leading system for Brainwave Optimization with RTB™ (Real-Time Balancing).

Brainwave Optimization has been used on people with afflictions, injuries, ailments, disorders, and illnesses that include: Depression, Fatigue, Stress, Focus, Insomnia, Anger, Pain, Learning, Performance, Anxiety, Dementia, Bulimia, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, Autism, Concentration, Dexterity, Energy, Addiction, Dysfunction, Anorexia, Alzheimers, OCD, Parkinsons, Hypertension, Dysnomia, Dyslexia, Stuttering, Schizophrenia, Narcolepsy, Rehabilitation, Epilepsy, and more.

With our mobile unit, we provide Brainwave Optimization in the privacy of your home or office in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and surrounding areas.